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Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a responsible corporate citizen, HPL lays special emphasis on ensuring community welfare and protection of environment. Since inception, HPL management through several initiatives has ensured that harmonious relationship is maintained with the surrounding society and measures were taken to improve the conditions of the deprived people. Our social initiatives are focused towards -

Salient features of our CSR activities are -

Improving Quality of Life of Displaced People

  • HPL acquired ~ 152 acres of land to rehabilitate all evictees. Each homestead was given a place to build up their own house irrespective of whether they had any valid land holding.
  • Helped evictees to shift households and house construction materials
  • All basic infrastructure was developed by HPL, which included -
  • 15 KM road network
    - Deep and surface tube-wells
    - 2 school buildings with playgrounds
    - Electric power transmission network
    - Extensive storm water drainage network

Health & Community Welfare

  • Organizing blood donation camps for Thalassemia patients
  • AIDS awareness programs for truck drivers and other high risk groups
  • Health check-up programs in local schools
  • Supporting Pulse Polio Program for children of nearby villages
  • Awareness Program on fire safety hazards to local schools
  • Safe driving awareness program for chemical tanker crew members
  • Rescue and relief operations during various emergencies like fire, road accidents etc.
  • Continual support for physically challenged children (speech and hearing impaired) and also visually challenged persons

Educational & Social Causes

  • Scholarships to needy meritorious students
  • Financial help to schools/organizations for mentally and physically challenged
  • Assisting NGOs who are promoting good causes

Safety and Environmental Issues

  • Development of greenbelt around HPL and within Haldia.
  • Organizing seminars and workshops on environment management issues
  • Safety & environmental awareness programs in local schools and villages
  • Training programs for drivers carrying hazardous chemicals


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