Primary feedstock for HPL is Naphtha.

HPL consumes around 2.2 mmtpa of High Paraffinic Naphtha ( min 75% Paraffin and Max 6% Aromatics, Max 500 ppm Sulphur ) in its naphtha cracker unit at full throughput . In addition the complex also requires about 300,000 MT per annum of fuel grade Naphtha for use in their Captive power plant.

HPL's suppliers include International and Domestic Oil Majors like KPC- Kuwait, ADNOC- Abu Dhabi, BAPCO- Bahrain, Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum etc as well as globally renowned traders like Glencore, Shell, BP, Vitol etc.

Naphtha is purchased both through Long Term Contracts via direct negotiation as well as through tender on Spot basis. Transportation of Feed Naphtha is through Clean Product Tankers in Parcel size of 25,000 MT or 50,000 MT (after Ship To Ship transfer at Vizag) with the cargos unloading at the adjacent Haldia Port.

Naphtha is stored at HPL plants in five storage tanks with a total capacity of around 150,000 MT. The tanks are connected to all the three Oil Jetties at Haldia Ports through dedicated Pipelines.


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