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Project - Supermax

Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd (HPL) has successfully completed project "Supermax." This is the most complex revamp project in the history of Indian petrochemical Industry; even world has witnessed very few projects of a similar kind. Total investment in the project was more than 1230 Rs Cr, one of the largest investments in West Bengal in recent times. With this revamp project, the naphtha cracker plant of HPL can produce around 700 Kilo Tons Per Annum (KTA) of ethylene. Capacities of all downstream plants will also increase subsequently.

Project Supermax is the biggest project undertaken by HPL since its inception. The project involved installation of several large equipments and modification of existing equipment. The project was managed by internationally reputed contractors like M/s Toyo-India and involved major consultants from TEC-Japan, MHI-Japan, LG Chemicals-Korea, Honam-Korea, CBI Lummus-Germany. Two new cracking furnaces have been added to the existing seven during the revamp. Other critical jobs included line up of New Charge Gas Compressor, LLDPE Reactor, column modification (Ethylene Fractionator, Propylene Fractionator, Quench Tower, Gasoline Fractionator), modification of cold box etc. All these jobs were undertaken by renowned national & international contractors.

The integration of the new plant and machineries with the existing unit was the most complex activity of the project and it was managed efficiently by micro planning & scheduling. Team HPL, with their knowledge, efficiency, co-ordination and managerial efficiency executed the project successfully with an exceptional safety record. Employees across the organization worked as a single team and put-in enormous efforts to manage such a complex project.

With commissioning of additional capacity, HPL is set to emerge as a stronger company with greater product volume, higher turnover and better bottom-line.

The additional volume will give an opportunity to develop new downstream units in and around West Bengal with a potential to attract investment and generate employment.

HPL won SAP ACE Award 2010 for Best Run Business in Procurement


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